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Why Size Is So Important


Why is the size so important to women that it is one of the hot topics of discussion when women discuss about their sex lives? Popular consensus would show that women do not care too much about the size; but upon taking a private and anonymous survey it was found out that majority of the women would prefer their partner to have a large penis.

Men, obviously are conscious about the size of their penis and are always seen wanting for a larger one. Having a large penis is more of a psychological issue, where the man can be self-confident enough to believe that he can satisfy his woman.

On an average, about 75% people lie within the category of 5.5 to 6.5 inches of penis size. This is considered as the average size. Others go above this range, however, more often the remainder people will lie below this average category. The people who lie in the upper category must know that an overlarge penis size could actually be troublesome while having an intercourse and the man must gently proceed with his actions.

Men with a penis below or near the lower end of the spectrum complain of their small size and often develop low esteem and self-respect. Women are happy with penis of the length of seven or eight inches.

However, an interesting thing which cropped up is that women are interested in the girth of the penis rather than the length. Women prefer a penis which should be at least six inches in the circumference. The underlying fact is that a bigger penis automatically induces confidence and virility to a man. He does not feel ashamed or stressed while having sex and is also able to pleasure his woman completely. Having an enjoyable sex life is obviously something which is important for both the partners in a relationship.

Fortunately for men, it is possible to work on their penis size in complete discretion. Popular natural male enhancement pills like the VigRX Plus allow a man to increase their penis size by consuming just two capsules per day. VigRX Plus not only increases the penis size but also provides longer erections, increases the libido, enhances the stamina and controls premature ejaculation.

The drug comes with a 30 days money back guarantee if you do not witness any results within 4 weeks. There are many testimonies, and personal recommendations by doctors online, which prove the effectiveness of VigRX Plus.

Improving The Sexual Performance


Popular media has started to make men care about their penis size. Often, men complain about their penis size and wish they had one or two inches more. Basically, it all comes down to the confidence and the self-esteem of the men. Upon discovering that your penis size is smaller than any other man in comparison, your self-confidence can drop and this might affect your daily life.

Although many researches show that the length of the penis is not the only thing that matters in the bed, however both men and women agree to the fact that a larger size equates to a better sexual experience. Men show concern about their penis size as they believe that a bigger penis can produce greater levels of satisfaction for both of the partners during the sexual intercourse.

Nowadays, popular options like vacuum pumps and enlargement surgeries allow a man to achieve their goals through the means of physical transformation. However, many are skeptical of these methods and prefer natural supplements like VigRX Plus™ to increase their penis size. These supplements have no side effects owing to the fact that they are made up of natural ingredients.

The supplements are derived from the lands of China and South America. The VigRX enlargement ingredients consist of two important extracts: Muira Pauma Bark and Cuscuta Seed, which are herbs trusted in the medical sphere. These two herbs, combined, are all that a man requires in order to see satisfactory results in his penis growth.

Just because it is printed on their packaging, it does not mean that the supplement will produce promising results. It is best to consult a doctor, since he is the best judge in the case of which drug to use and which not to. Most doctors trust VigRX Plus™ for its responsive outcome. In fact, Dr. Michael A. Carter, a clinical psychologist, believes that the supplement provides the greatest moral satisfaction to the patients who require a larger penis.

Patients using VigRX Plus™ to treat their penile dysfunctions have realized amazing effects. Not only does the natural drug bring a positive change and confidence in their life, but they also feel energized, more sexually engaged, retain a potent erection and possess an increased libido. Patients, and doctors alike, use this organic supplement to enlarge their penis.

One must not remain completely dependent on supplements and medicines to improve their sexual performance, and also should try to lead a healthy life and eat a balanced diet. VigRX Plus™ ensures that the body gets the right supplements for a man to get going throughout the day without compromising with the pleasure his woman needs; after all, sex is an integral part of a person’s life.

Naturally Improve Your Sex Drive Using Vigrx Plus


Every man wants to improve their performance in bed. After all, the long and energetic sex are the memorable ones. However, there are many factors which determine how long a man can go during one night without exhausting out here is where VigRX Plus comes in. The inability to perform satisfactorily is something which haunts every man. A man might be committed to perform longer in the bed mentally, however a soft erection can turn the game southwards. The reasons behind a soft erection can be many.

A man’s libido is determined by the brain. If the potential of sex drive in the brain is not high, a man will not be able to perform with passion. There are four stimuli which are sexually stimulating for every man. These stimuli are described as below:

Olfactory stimulus : scents, perfumes as well as pheromones of female
Tactile stimulus : touch based stimulus, especially which including kissing and touching near sensitive areas like nipples and the penis
Auditory stimulus : pleasurable sounds as well as stimulation during phone sex
Visual stimulus : physical appearance of the partner

The libido is proportional to the sex drive. Increasing the libido by stimulating the body before sex increases the sexual performance to follow. However, disorders like premature ejaculation makes the orgasms of the male and female partners out of sync, with the man coming too soon and the women not experiencing an orgasm.

This leads to sexual frustration and disappointment for the female partner, which in turn can hinder the relationship and can also lead to break ups. Premature ejaculations can be caused due to heightened excitement and stimulation even before the sex starts. Moreover, men performing frequent and quick masturbation can lead to conditioning of the body to have a premature ejaculation.

A weak erection can be a major turn off during sex. A flaccid penis which refuses to erect during sex can create issues. Stress and inexperience are the main reasons for a weak erection. If a man is not able to retain his erection till his partner is satisfied sexually, it can still be considered as an erectile dysfunction. Thus, it is necessary for a man to condition his body to perform for a longer period sexually.

However, there are many natural supplements such as VigRX Plus™ which can aid a man in improving his overall sexual performance and health. With natural ingredients and extracts like Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus etc., this drug improves erection, generates a bigger penis, increases the libido and hormone levels, improve blood flow and treats any erectile dysfunctions of the body.